N.H. State Police Captain Nominated For Director Post

Sep 21, 2016

A state police captain is set to be nominated as the next head of the New Hampshire State Police.

Gov. Maggie Hassan says she will put forth the nomination of Captain Christopher Wagner of Litchfield as director of the state police at Wednesday’s Executive Council meeting.

“For more than two decades, Captain Wagner has worked to enforce our laws and keep us safe with the fairness, professionalism and integrity that are the hallmarks of the New Hampshire State Police,” Hassan said in a statement Tuesday. “Like all of our dedicated law enforcement officers, he puts his life on the line every day to protect his fellow citizens, and his wide range of experience and assignments with the New Hampshire State Police will serve him well as the next director."

Wagner is currently serves as state police Support Services Bureau Commander.

His nomination comes with the support of the state’s Department of Safety Commissioner John Barthelmes.

“Captain Wagner is qualified by reason of his experience serving in many different ranks and assignments in the Division of State Police, as well as his accomplishments during his current term as Captain of the Support Services Bureau,” said Barthelmes. “I am proud to recommend him to the Governor for nomination as the next Director of the New Hampshire State Police.” 

The nomination is subject to approval by the Executive Council.

Assistant Commissioner Robert Quinn will continue to serve as director until a permanent director is confirmed.