N.H. to Get Cut of $148M Uber Data Breach Settlement

Sep 28, 2018

The Attorney General's Office announced that New Hampshire will see more than $670,000 from a settlement with California-based ride-sharing company Uber.


The funds will go into the Consumer Protection Escrow Account as dictated by state law and are available for use by the Consumer Protection and Antitrust Bureau, the AG says.


In 2016 hackers gained access to the personal data of millions of riders and drivers -- that included 763 drivers in the Granite State.


State law requires that companies have to notify people when their information is compromised in a timely manner, but drivers weren't notified until a year later.


What's more, Uber paid hackers to delete the data and keep news of the breach from getting out.


As part of the settlement with New Hampshire, Uber will also have to pay for outside assessments of its information security, among other concessions.


Uber settled with all 50 states and the District of Columbia for $148 million.