NH DOT Braces For Next Storm

Feb 27, 2013

A plow makes its way down Elm street in Manchester
Credit Jonathan Lynch / NHPR

Just days after digging out of one snow storm, New Hampshire is bracing for another.

When a snow storm hits, the NH DOT has to prep its equipment, schedule additional trucks and drivers, and ensure there’s enough salt and sand to treat icy roads.

That gets expensive.

But NH DOT spokesperson Bill Boynton says the highway department is still under-budget for snow removal this year:

“The numbers are still coming in, but right now it looks like at least 1.2 million for the weekend storm and that puts us at approximately 30.1 million for the amount of funds that we’ve spent on winter maintenance this year. We annually expect to spend approximately 39 million so we’re well over three quarters of the way there.”

Officially, there are still more than five weeks of winter left, but the state is still at the mercy of New England's unpredictable weather.