N.H. Churches Will Have Prayers For Addiction On Sunday

Aug 24, 2018

Credit <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/accoster/2264295876/">adam coster</a> / flickr

Churches across New Hampshire will say prayers on Sunday for those who are struggling with addiction. It's one way they're observing Overdose Awareness Day later in the week.

Richard Davenport is the priest and pastor at the Trinity Episcopal Church & Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Claremont.

His congregation isn't a stranger to the opioid crisis that's hit New Hampshire hard. Some have lost loved ones, and others struggle with addiction.

Davenport said he looks to Jesus' ministry of bringing people who were outcast because of illness or injustice back into community.

"One of the key roles of the church is to promote healing among people. We pray for that all the time,” he said.

He says prayer is a powerful way to support people who struggle with addiction.

"It is a way that people can derive strength and comfort from their relationship with God, and equally as important, the relationship with their fellow church members,” he said.

During the service, Davenport will lead a prayer, offer help and direct people to resources such as Narcotics Anonymous, which meets at the church.