New Hampshire Winters Are Among The Fastest-Warming In The Country

Dec 1, 2019

A new analysis finds that winter temperatures have risen more in New Hampshire and Northern New England than anywhere else in the country since 1970.

The analysis from the nonprofit Climate Central looked at average winter temperatures in cities across the U.S. over the past 50 years.

It found that nationwide, winters have warmed an average of nearly 3 degrees Fahrenheit in that period.

But the trend is nearly double that in the Northeast. Concord has warmed 5.6 degrees, and Burlington, Vt. nearly 7.

Climate Central says winters in the Northeast are warming three times as quickly as summers, despite occasional record lows or periods of very cold weather in the region.

Scientists warn this trend is exacerbated by continued carbon emissions and will affect agriculture, infrastructure and winter tourism.

The Gulf of Maine and its high-value fisheries are also experiencing faster warming than any other waters in the country.