Mixed Bunch at AFP Debate-Watch Party Shares One Dream: Beating Clinton

Dec 16, 2015

Republican Presidential candidates had their last debate of 2015 in Nevada Tuesday night. In Manchester, dozens of New Hampshire voters gathered at Murphy’s Taproom to watch.

The event was hosted by the New Hampshire chapter of Americans for Prosperity, a conservative political advocacy group out of D.C. The group does not endorse candidates but rather advocates for  issues – meaning Tuesday night’s crowd was made up of supporters of several candidates, including Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and  Carly Fiorina.

Although not everyone in the room was backing the same candidate, they all agree on one thing – they want someone who can beat Hilary Clinton.

But with the New Hampshire Primary less than two months away, Chris Ager of Amherst said having so many voices on the debate stage is hurting the process. “I like to be well educated on the choices and there are so many good candidates it’s hard to focus on the important things,” Ager said, who is a program manager for a aerospace company.

Ager hopes the results of Tuesday’s debate will whittle the field before the candidates debate in New Hampshire come February.