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Malls Reopen In New Hampshire, Including Along Mass. Border

May 11, 2020

A hand sanitizer station at the Mall of New Hampshire in Manchester, which reopened for business Monday.
Credit Josh Rogers | NHPR

Gov. Chris Sununu says he’d prefer out-of-staters to stay home as New Hampshire begins to reopen parts of its economy.

But retail locations, including malls, opened in New Hampshire Monday, including along the Massachusetts border.

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People from outside New Hampshire may not yet be able to play golf here, but they can hop the border for some tax-free shopping, per the guidelines Sununu calls "Stay at Home 2.0."

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The governor acknowledges that barring non-residents from golf courses while allowing them to stroll shopping malls may not be consistent, but he believes protections are in place to preserve public health.

“We have very strict restrictions, we still recommend they use a face covering," Sununu says. "We are making sure our employees are protected with their face coverings, so there is no other additional message other than we have rules and expect everyone to abide by them.”

Simon Property Group, which owns shopping malls in New Hampshire and across the country, opened up its New Hampshire malls in Salem, Merrimack, and Manchester Monday. Many stores remained closed, however, and food courts were limited to takeout.

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