Lebanon Library Resumes Support of Anonymous Web Browser Tor | New Hampshire Public Radio

Lebanon Library Resumes Support of Anonymous Web Browser Tor

Sep 15, 2015

Library officials in Lebanon have agreed to resume support of Tor, an anonymous web browsing service.

The Kilton Public Library in Lebanon had set up in July what’s called a “relay node.” That’s one link in a chain of computers protects Tor users’ anonymity.

Library officials turned off the relay node after local police raised concerns about Tor’s role in facilitating the exchange of child pornography and drugs.

But at Tuesday night’s meeting, proponents of Tor stressed its usefulness to people living under oppressive regimes and people suffering from domestic abuse.

Alison Macrina of the Library Freedom Project attended the meeting. She helped the Kilton Library set up the node.

"We think that this is going to engender even more support, even more relays, and Kilton is standing at the top of that pyramid, so we’re just totally thrilled about this," she says.

Macrina says she’ll continue working with the Kilton Public Library to make sure the relay node continues to work properly.