Leave No Trace: Finding Balance in Outdoor Ethics

Mar 7, 2019

New Hampshire's mountains attract visitors year-round, and avid hikers are the among the biggest ambassadors of Leave No Trace, a set of principles and best practices for sharing and conserving wilderness areas. But while most people agree on the broad strokes, sorting out the details can be an emotional and argumentative affair.  The Outside/In podcast team joins us to discuss outdoor ethics and how we enjoy nature.


  • Sam Evans-Brown: host of NHPR’s Outside/In podcast.
  • Bob Holdsworth:  State Advocate for the Leave No Trace Organization. He is a Master Educator for the Leave No Trace organization.
  • Taylor Quimby:  NHPR’s Outside/In Senior Producer.
  • Gregory Simon: Associate Professor, Department of Geography and Environmental Sciences at the University of Colorado, Denver. 

Listen to the Outside/In podcast that inspired this discussion: Leave No Stone.

Check out the Seven Principles of the Leave No Trace organization.