Keene Police May Seek Subpoenas To ID Riot Culprits On Social Media

Oct 23, 2014

Credit Courtesy Kaitlyn Coogan / Keene Sentinel

Keene police say they may pursue subpoenas as they work to identify those responsible for the mayhem that occurred during last weekend’s Pumpkin Festival.

Police say the subpoenas will be used to identify account subscriber information for phone numbers and social media accounts.

Officials say social media played a significant role in the riots that occurred in Keene Saturday and into Sunday morning.

And that’s where they’re now looking for evidence.

The department says it’s scouring sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instragram for photos and videos from the riot, using specialized software.

Police said they’ve already received more than 100 tips after releasing two dozen photos Wednesday of those allegedly throwing objects and damaging public property.

Police have already made 84 arrests in connection with the riots, which injured more than 30 people.