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Word of Mouth

How a Preemie Changes Everything


Kasey Mathews seemed to have a perfect life. Terrific husband, a place in the suburbs, an adorable son with another baby on the way.

Her nicely placed plans for a second child went awry when her daughter, Andie, was born at just 25 weeks, weighing under just under 2 pounds. The traumatic birth launched her family into an emotional and logistical wringer through surgeries and scares that did not end when her tiny baby came home.

Nothing about Kasey belied that long slog when I met her at a writers gathering and reading last year… I later learned that she had a book deal and was honored to be asked to read her memoir of the experience and to write a blurb for it. So,  I claim no objectivity in asking her to join us to talk about Preemie, her candid and affecting new book.  

Listen to the interview: