House Wants Lawsuit Protection For Gun Owners

Feb 20, 2013

The N.H. House votes 211-151 to give gun owners immunity if their weapons are stolen and then used in a crime.

The House Judiciary committee had voted 12 to 6 to reject granting owners of stolen guns civil immunity on the grounds it wasn’t addressing a problem.  But the bill’s supporters say it's wrong to not protecting gun owners from lawsuits stemming from crimes they did not commit.  Lenette Peterson is a Republican from Merrimack.

"If your vehicle is stolen you are not held liable for any crimes committed. Gun owners should not be victimized twice."

Peterson added that it’s wrong to expect gun owners to lock up their weapons at home.  She said for a gun to be used as protection in need to be easily accessible. Opponents of the bill, which now heads to the senate, say backers never provided concrete examples of how New Hampshire gun owners has been harmed because they lacked immunity in cases when their guns are stolen.