House Hears Bill To Allow Students To Drop Any Class

Jan 25, 2012

The New Hampshire House is considering a plan to allow students replace any two public school courses with courses designed and taught by a parent or their designee. 

Under the bill, schools couldn’t veto subjects or teaching methods of parents but would have to grant students credits toward graduation. The measure’s sponsor, JR Hoell of Dunbarton, says the proposal affords parents a needed bit of freedom.

“Parents are taking a greater role in overseeing the academic progress of their children; the school system is taking a reduced role.”


Education groups oppose the bill. The NH school boards and school administrators associations say it would give schools logistical problems and ill-serve students. Rick Trombly of the NH-NEA, said it would put students entirely at the mercy of their parents, with no accountability.

“Under this bill anyone can teach anything to any child.”

As drafted, the bill's only requirement is that if students opt out of a class they would be sent to a study hall or to the library.