Hassan: Naming New Economic Development Commissioner A Top Priority

Dec 27, 2012

Gov.-elect Maggie Hassan meets with business and education leaders at Dyn in Manchester on Thursday.
Credit Michael Brindley, NHPR

One of the first items on the agenda for Governor-elect Maggie Hassan will be to appoint a new commissioner for the Department of Resources and Economic Development.

Hassan says that while she has some names in mind, she's still seeking ideas for potential candidates and job criteria.

“I am open to suggestions. I have some ideas. It’s early and I’m talking to a lot of people," she says.

Hassan was in Manchester Thursday morning, talking about the process for appointing a new DRED commissioner.

Hassan says finding a replacement for George Bald, who retired in November after 13 years in the position, is high up on her list of things to do when she takes office next week. 

And she says she’s getting a head start by soliciting ideas from leaders in business and education. 

That’s part of what she was doing Thursday during a roundtable discussion at Dyn, an Internet infrastructure company in Manchester.  

Hassan heard concerns about the lack of entrepreneurship in the state and the need for better marketing. 

The governor-elect says finding a new DRED commissioner is an opportunity to put the right person at the head of those efforts.

“That person is going to need to be driving what I see as a critical partnership between the business community and the education community moving forward.”

Hassan’s appointment will have to be approved by the Executive Council.