Grassroots | New Hampshire Public Radio


Jun 15, 2018

Grassroots: Photo Courtesy of Rodrigo Balan Uriartt

Over the past five years, New Hampshire's cannabis legislation has gone from non-existent to possible all-out legalization. But among neighboring states, New Hampshire still lags behind. On today's show we're answering an #OnlyinNH question that asks, "why, when compared to other New England states, is New Hampshire so conservative on cannabis legislation?" And then a different kind of high - we head to the mountains to see who's hiking and smoking?   

  • Only in NH: Why is New Hampshire so conservative, when compared to other New England states, on cannabis legislation?
  • The long-arching history of New Hampshire's fight for pot legislation
  • Point/Counterpoint: Five questions with (anti)/weed lobbyists
  • Richard Potter: Our New Hampshire Firsts series takes a look at the first African-American magician and maybe even celebrity