Giving Matters: Helping Kids Make Smart Decisions

Aug 8, 2015

The North Country Health Consortium’s offers a Youth Leadership Through Adventure program, serving kids in Coos and Grafton County. The program helps middle and high schools to create a healthy culture, develop leadership skills and avoid alcohol and other drugs. Tony Bolash is a student at Gorham High School, where students named the group “Inspire.”

Bolash: I would say the value is to grow as a person and feel more accepted by yourself and your classmates. It’s changed me and it’s inspired me to share that knowledge so that I can see other people change and change for the better, of course.

I wouldn’t want to say I was an average student, but I was a person who just went along with the motions. Just following your friends, following your group, doing what people want you to do. But once I joined this group I was myself. I definitely have a lot more confidence in myself and it definitely helped me to be a more confident person.

I had a friend who joined, As time went on I slowly saw her progression and being more herself and not being afraid to do what she wants to do. She’s the president of my class now – that’s pretty awesome. Seeing her grow in the past few years has just been phenomenal.

Confidence is a big thing if you’re comfortable with yourself I truly believe that you can make good decisions. And if you’re not worrying about the social situation but you’re worrying more about yourself then I think you can make the right decision.