Free State Project's 'PorcFest' Returns To Northern New Hampshire

Jun 22, 2015

The Free State Project uses the porcupine as its logo, because the animals "become defensive when subjected to aggression; [their] sharp quills are used in self defense only as a last resort."
Credit Michael Brindley/NHPR

The annual event known as "PorcFest" is getting underway in northern New Hampshire.

The week-long Porcupine Freedom Festival aims to bring together supporters of the Free State Project, which aims to convince 20,000 people to move New Hampshire to push for smaller government and more libertarian policies.

Lead producer Kristin Weitzel says this year’s gathering will include discussions of government surveillance programs and medical marijuana, among many other topics.

“We have beekeeping 101, we have people who are living off the grid," Weitzel says. "We have alt-currency, we have a lot of education and education reform discussions.”

PorcFest runs through June 28 in Lancaster.