Drinking Water in Windham Shows Elevated Levels of PFCs | New Hampshire Public Radio

Drinking Water in Windham Shows Elevated Levels of PFCs

Jun 9, 2017

Four wells in a neighborhood in Windham contain elevated levels of PFCs, a chemical contaminant, according to test results released Friday by the state’s Department of Environmental Services.

DES says the likely source of the elevated concentrations is Central Metal Finishing, Inc., located on Lexington Road. The four wells ranged in concentrations of 70.4 parts per trillion up to 396 parts per trillion. The state’s quality standard for PFC concentrations is 70 parts per trillion.

Tests done at nearby public schools did not return levels above state thresholds. However, the school district and DES are developing a well monitoring plan and are looking into water treatment options.

PFCs and similar manmade compounds have turned up in wells throughout the state in recent years. The chemical is used to make a variety of products, including non-stick cookware and fire-fighting foams.