Diving into the Democrats: A Look at the Other Side of the Presidential Field

Sep 14, 2015

This primary season, much of the attention has focused on the Republican side, given the many candidates and another upcoming debate.  But this weekend in New Hampshire, it’s the Democrats’ turn: at their annual state convention, the party’s presidential contenders are all expected.  We’ll look at the candidates and the issues.


  • Dante Scala - associate professor at UNH and a fellow at the Carsey School of Public Policy. His new, co-authored book, The Four Faces of the Republican Party and The Fight for the 2016 Presidential Nomination, is due out later this year. He is also teaching a free online course on the New Hampshire presidential primary, with Andy Smith of the UNH Survey Center.
  • Paul Steinhauser - political director and anchor for NH1- News.  Before that, Paul was a CNN editor and correspondent.