Diary Of A Space Zucchini: An Astronaut Imagines His Vegetable's Voice

Sep 16, 2013

Credit Don Pettit

NASA’s Don Pettit has been back from his last mission aboard the International Space Station for over a year, but his blog “Letters to Earth” remains one of the most fascinating and profound windows into the creative and emotional life of an astronaut.  While in space he penned and published poetry, An Astronaut’s Guide to Space Etiquette, and the series, “Diary of a Space Zucchini”, which detailed life on the ISS from the unusual perspective of a self-conscious vegetable.  We at Word of Mouth loved the latter so much, we decided it would make for compelling radio – so, without further ado may we present “Diary of Space Zucchini”, adapted from Don Pettit’s blog “Letters to Earth”, and starring NHPR’s Sean Hurley as the courageous squash and narrator.