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Civics 101 Student Contest: There Ought To Be A Law

Feb 9, 2021

Credit Sara Plourde

Are you a K-12 student with a passion for video and/or audio production? YOU are invited to use your creative ideas as part of the Student Contest 2021 from Civics 101. Whether you are a Granite Stater or live elsewhere in the U.S., our Civics 101 hosts Nick Capodice and Hannah McCarthy are excited to hear from you! Teachers can also introduce the contest to their students as a learning project and a fun way to incorporate podcasting into their remote or classroom curriculums.

This is the fourth year Civics 101 is inviting students to put their skills and interest to the test, as a hands-on way to explore the fundamentals of U.S. democracy and its institutions.

The theme of this year’s Student Contest is There Ought to Be a Law. K-12 students are encouraged to record a short, one to two minutes-long clip, audio or video (you can just take a video or voice memo on your phone!) and use the following prompts:

  1. Tell us your name and where you’re from
  2. “There ought to be a law about ____”
  3. “This is a problem because ____”
  4. And finally, how your law will solve that problem.

No idea is too small or too big. Relevant examples could be a proposed rule for your school or a law that’s needed in your state; think locally as much as globally! Students and teachers can also listen to NHPR’s very own podcasts for inspiration and ideas, including Outside/In and Civics 101.


  • Wednesday, March 31 is the entry deadline for entry submissions.
  • Send (or have your teacher send) your file to
  • The winning entries will air on the Civics 101 podcast in late spring 2021, available nationally.

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