Bill Would Prohibit 'Sanctuary Cities' in N.H. | New Hampshire Public Radio

Bill Would Prohibit 'Sanctuary Cities' in N.H.

Dec 31, 2018

A bill coming before New Hampshire's next legislative session would prohibit sanctuary cities in the state.


Many so-called sanctuary cities across the U.S. have limited how much local law enforcement can work with federal immigration authorities.


A group of Republican lawmakers are backing a bill that would “establish the New Hampshire anti-sanctuary act, which requires state and local government entities to comply with federal immigration detainer requests.”


State Representative and former Trump campaign adviser Al Baldasaro is co-sponsor on the bill.


"What makes a sanctuary city is the protection of criminals and not working with the police or ICE,” Baldasaro said. “You know, we've got people suffering in our own country. America's gotta be first."


Last year city councils in Durham and Portsmouth discussed what sanctuary status might look like, but neither opted for the designation.


Several states including Texas and Alabama have passed laws banning sanctuary cities.