Behind The Journalism: What It's Like To Report On Education Funding In N.H.

May 1, 2019

Earlier this week, NHPR presented a special broadcast of The Exchange, which brought a live audience into our studio for a conversation about school funding in New Hampshire. 

Credit Sara Plourde for NHPR

The program followed up on the series Adequate, in which NHPR's education reporter Sarah Gibson has been exploring how the state decides the value of public education, and how New Hampshire's continuing debate over education funding is playing out in its communities more than twenty years after the landmark Claremont decision

After the broadcast, which featured a panel of school superintendants, lawmakers, and an attorney for the plaintiff in Claremont, Gibson sat down with host Laura Knoy for After Exchange, a candid conversation about what it's been like reporting the series and a chance to answer questions from the audience.

You can watch that conversation below, or click here to watch on YouTube.