In Barnstead, Residents' Opposition Delays Killing Of Geese

Jul 3, 2019

Credit Putneypics via Flickr

A USDA plan to euthanize nuisance-causing geese in Barnstead has been postponed after pushback from some residents. The roundup was originally scheduled for June 26, according to an email sent to Barnstead residents.

USDA officials said the roundups are normal and conducted every summer, when reports of geese contaminating water, damaging property, and acting aggressively become a major concern.

Lisa Mitrano is a Barnstead resident who says she’s been heading to the beach at Locke Lake every morning since last Wednesday to do what she can to stop the USDA roundup. She says that though it happens regularly in New Hampshire, this is the first she’s heard about the euthanizations.

“It’s just a senseless killing,” Mitrano said Monday, “because a few people that live on the water don’t want to deal with it and don’t want the animals on their grass, it’s just not right.”

The USDA is planning on going through with the euthanization of anywhere from 8 to 45 geese, but hasn’t made clear exactly when it will be carried out.

Officials from the Locke Lake Colony Association could not be reached for comment.