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Apple Pay: Yea Or Nay?

Modified photo Bart via flickr Creative Commons

For those who have wallets bursting at the seams with payment and loyalty cards, this scenario may sound familiar: You’re out shopping, you bring your items to the cash register and face the quick mental calculus of which card to use? Visa? Mastercard? Debit? The store issued credit card? Well, Apple proposes to solve all that with a swipe, provided you have an i-Phone 6, or 6 Plus that is. Two weeks ago today, Apple unveiled its latest creation: Apple Pay, a mobile payment system it claims will make purchasing easier and more secure. Some major retailers aren’t having it, but why?


The security features could be good news for shoppers in the wake of all the recent data breaches, but not being able to access a customer's information is bad news for some retailers, so what's in it for Apple? Why invest in a payment system?


Listen to the entire interview with Rob Fleischman, Chief Technology Officer at xerocole.

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