7.07.14: NH Brews, Cooking With A Computer and Some Invasive Bites | New Hampshire Public Radio

7.07.14: NH Brews, Cooking With A Computer and Some Invasive Bites

Jul 7, 2014

Credit Quinn Dombrowski via Flickr Creative Commons

Whatever flavor you prefer, there is a New Hampshire brew that will do the job well. Today on Word of Mouth, we sample the state's craft-beer scene. Then, there are an estimated thirty thousand invasive species occupying America's eco-system. We have a conversation about the newest strategy against these pests: eating them. Next, we visit with Watson, IBM's cognitive computer and Jeopardy champion, to learn about its newest and slightly surprising endeavor in cooking. Plus: a tale of food and Spanish history from the American west.

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New Hampshire Brews

It is no secret that we love beer here in New Hampshire. We talk to Brian Aldrich and Michael Meredith, co-authors of the new book New Hampshire Beer: Brewing from Sea to Summit.

Strange Bedfellows: Walmart and Composting

A large percentage  -- forty percent in fact—of food grown and processed in the United States goes to waste. Grocery stores in Pennsylvania are trying to do their part to combat this trend. We hear from producer Hal B. Kline on location about the somewhat surprising store taking the lead.

Cognitive Cooking with Watson

Jeopardy champion and now…chef? Watson, IBM’s cognitive computer has a growing list of skills with more to come. Producer Zach Nugent talks to IBM’s senior software engineer for cognitive cooking about Watson’s recipe creations. Check out the recipes it has created here on IBM's website.

Sheepherder's Ball

Basque sheepherders have been a part of the American west for over a century. Producers Davia Nelson and Nikki Silva bring us into the fold of a story filled with food and Spanish history.


We talk to science writer Hannah Newman about her research into invasivorism, the new trend for treating the problem of invasive species. Read her article here and listen to the segment below.