70 M.P.H. Speed Limit Bill Passes N.H. House

Mar 13, 2013

New Hampshire drivers looking at this would no longer have to keep their eyes peeled for state troopers.
Credit NCReed / Flickr Creative Commons

Drivers would be able to go 70 miles per hour on a stretch of Interstate 93 north of Concord, N.H. under a bill headed to the Senate.  

Representative Steve Vallaincourt, a longtime supporter of increased speed limits says he often drives exactly the speed-limit on interstate 89, just to see what happens.

During debate on the house floor he said, "I find that eight or nine out of ten cars are going by me, which means if I'm going 65 and they're going by me, they're breaking the law.  Very rarely do I come upon somebody that I have to go by, which would indicate that that person is going 65 or less."

The House voted 292-65 Wednesday to raise the limit from 65 mph to 70 mph from Exit 18 to the Vermont border. The current speed limit would remain the same through Franconia Notch, but they rejected bills raising the limit as high as 75 mph on the interstate system.