In 2011, Slain N.H. Journalist Talked About His Capture In Libya

Aug 20, 2014


Credit Nicole Tung, courtesy

Three years ago, NHPR's Jon Greenberg sat down with New Hampshire journalist James Foley.

Foley's family in Rochester and New Hampshire officials have confirmed he was killed by ISIS militants.

He was kidnapped two years ago, but this wasn't the first time he went missing.

The Libyan government held reporter Foley and two of his colleagues for six weeks.  The three were released in 2011.

Foley was a correspondent with Global Post, an online news service. 

When he was kidnapped the first time, he was covering the conflict in Libya soon after NATO airstrikes began. 

Foley was outside Brega, a hotly contested city on the Mediterranean Sea. 

Listen to the full interview with James Foley.