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On The Trail With Andrew Yang: An Optimist Who's 'Very Intimate With Defeat'

Ali Oshinskie for NHPR

Andrew Yang, who may be best known for his "Freedom Dividend," describes himself as an entrepreneur, an optimist, and an "Asian man who likes math" — that last one being a standard campaign quip.

The Democratic presidential hopeful outlined his ideas in an interview with the NPR Politics Podcast and New Hampshire Public Radio. 

He discussed climate change, the state of the campaign, and how young people are too often taught to fear failure. 

Yang was interviewed in Plaistow, N.H., on Friday, by NPR's Tamara Keith and NHPR's Casey McDermott.

Listen to the NPR Politics Podcast interview above or listen here.

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Watch Andrew Yang during an earlier hour-long interview with NHPR's Peter Biello:

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