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Ron Paul Returns to NH

Jon Greenberg, NHPR
A young Ron Paul supporter in Durham, NH

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul drew a crowd of about 450 people at his first event in New Hampshire  after the Iowa caucuses.   Paul’s promise to curtail foreign military activity drew some of the loudest cheers.

The Texas congressman has nothing if not an enthusiastic following and voters young and old alike responded well to Paul’s signature policies.  Especially when he said the imminent danger of a nuclear Iran is exaggerated.

When asked what he would do about Social Security and other entitlements, he said he would protect them.

“Social security beneficiaries, the promise has been made.  We should try to take care of the promises.  Medicare is the same way.  Child health care would be the same thing.”

Paul said savings from the military would largely pay to maintain entitlements.  Just three days before the primary, Paul is holding on to second in most polls.