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Henry Epp

Henry is a reporter and host of All Things Considered on VPR.

Every state is taking a slightly different approach to reopening their economies, and the virus has hit each region differently.

So while Vermont's new case numbers have remained fairly low the last few weeks, how are neighboring regions faring with the disease? And how are they planning to relax stay-at-home orders?

Should local government officials be prohibited from sharing information about a person's immigration or citizenship status with federal immigration authorities? That’s what voters in four Upper Valley communities on both sides of the Vermont-New Hampshire border will answer at town meetings in the coming weeks and months.

On Oct. 1, it will be illegal in Vermont to possess bump stocks — a device that attaches to a semi-automatic weapon to speed up the rate it fires.

And starting Monday, Sept. 17, the Vermont State Police will accept bump stocks from residents who voluntarily turn them over.

This weekend, a one-time Vermonter returns to the state to perform in honor of the woman who helped launch his career as a pianist and conductor.