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North Country

Snowmobiling Teens Rescued From Northern N.H. Lake

Courtesy of New Hampshire Fish and Game

Two teenagers from Amesbury, Massachusetts were  rescued Wednesday after their snowmobiles broke through the ice and were partially submerged, according to New Hampshire Fish and Game.

Jacob Bent and Victoria Holbrook, both 17, were crossing the First Connecticut Lake in Pittsburg at about 1 p.m. when their machines broke through the first layer of ice, sank about three feet and then came to rest on another layer of more solid ice, said Conservation Officer Eric Fluette.

When rescuers arrived, the two were standing on their seats – about 500 feet from shore. Rescuers, including three fire departments, managed to get the teens – who were not injured - to shore and retrieve the snowmobiles.

Fluette said the two were following Jeffrey Holbrook, 53, also of Massachusetts. Holbrook  sensed the ice was breaking and managed to speed up enough to make the shore, but the teens couldn't keep up.

Fish and Game said with warmer temperatures riders must be more wary of the ice than in a normal winter.