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Sinks, Sofas, Spa Supplies Up For Grabs At Mountain View Grand Tag Sale

You could own a piece of history this weekend as the Mountain View Grand Resort in Whitefield looks to unload everything from sinks to sofas at a tag sale.

The tag sale is Sunday and runs from 1 to 3 at the hotel, which was built in 1865.

Director of Activities Bobbi Sue Baker says the hotel’s storage building is filled with chairs, couches, handmade oil paintings, dressers, cast iron sinks, all ready to go.

“We’re also selling and old sleigh and a carriage. We used to have horses at the barn. So I am selling a sleigh and a carriage.”

She says items will be priced to move. For example, she says leather sofas will range from about $150 to $200.

Baker says anyone looking for a deal will not leave disappointed.

“Take a peek, gather your stuff, we’ll take the stuff out to the car for you, and I’ll bundle it. So the more you get and stuff, I’ll bundle a price. I’m not looking to rob anybody. We’re looking to help everybody out.”

She also recommends getting there early.

The hotel held a tag sale a month ago and Baker says there were 100 people waiting when the doors opened.