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North Country
News from everywhere *but* Central New Hampshire.

North Country Reps Overwhelmingly Favored Legalizing Marijuana

North Country representatives overwhelmingly favored legalizing small amounts of marijuana, although as The Associated Press reported the bill failed.

As the AP said “supporters had argued that it was time to stop the government's war on marijuana users, saying tobacco and alcohol abuse are legal but pose a greater danger to personal health.

“Bill opponents countered that marijuana is a gateway drug to using other illegal drugs. They said long-term use has a chemical effect on the brain that can influence memory, thinking and concentration.”

House Bill 337 failed 239 – 112.

But 15 of 17 North Country reps voted for the bill with one Republican and one Democrat voting against.

Here are the North Country reps who voted to legalize marijuana:

* Rebecca Brown, Democrat, of Sugar Hill

* Ralph Doolan, Republican, of Littleton

* Larry Enman, Democrat, of Errol

* Susan Ford, Democrat, of Easton

*Marcia Hammon, Democrat, Whitefield

* William Hatch, Democrat, of Gorham

* Linda Lauer, Democrat, of Bath

* Linda Massimilla, Democrat, of Littleton

* Larry Rappaport, Republican, of Colebrook

* Leon Rideout, Republican, Lancaster.

* Herb Richardson, Republican, of Lancaster

* Robert Theberge, Democrat, of Berlin

* Yvonne Thomas, Democrat, of Berlin

* Wayne Moynihan, Democrat of Dummer

* Brad Bailey, Republican, of Monroe

Here are the North Country reps who voted against legalizing marijuana:

* Gary Coulombe, Democrat, of Berlin

* Edmond Gionet, Republican, of Lincoln.

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