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Congressman Pappas Rejecting Paycheck Until Government Shutdown Over

Allegra Boverman for NHPR


The newest member of New Hampshire's congressional delegation says he'll reject a paycheck until the partial government shutdown ends.

Democrat Chris Pappas, who was elected to the state's 1st District, said his first official act will be to ask that his pay be withheld. He planned to send a letter with his request to the Chief Administrative Officer of the House on Thursday afternoon.

Pappas said as someone who has run a small business, he could not imagine receiving a paycheck while any of his employees are working without pay.

Pappas said federal workers and the American people should be given "the functional, responsive government they deserve by ending this misguided shutdown." He said until that happens, "Congress doesn't deserve to get paid."

Pappas succeeds Democrat Carol Shea-Porter, who didn't seek re-election.


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