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Nashua Telegraph Cited with $9,000 in Wage Violations

Paige Sutherland/NHPR

The Telegraph in Nashua has been cited for wage violations by the state’s Labor Department.

The newspaper was cited for failing to pay employees the full wages for the hours they worked, based on a rounding system in the company's payroll.

Around 30 past and current employees were affected by the violations, totaling upward of $9,000. The investigation was spurred by an employee complaint issued last year.

Labor Commissioner Ken Merrifield said this kind of mistake is common for businesses owned by out-of-state corporations. The Telegraph was purchased in 2013 by a newspaper company out of West Virginia.

“Employment law can be very complicated and payroll systems can be very complicated, and I think that sometimes without really wishing to get into trouble, employers sometimes find themselves on the wrong side of New Hampshire’s employment law,” Merrifield said.

Merrifield said the Telegraph's management cooperated in the investigation and has already paid employees for the missed wages. These reimbursements ranged from $5 a person to $1,400. 

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