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N.H. Women's Golf Association Launches Campaign To Save Organization


An organization that promotes and organizes women’s golf in New Hampshire says it’s at risk of folding.

The issue goes back to 2016, when the United States Golf Association informed state and regional golf associations that they would need to consolidate.

The New Hampshire Women’s Golf Association and the New Hampshire Golf Association have been negotiating the terms of that consolidation since last summer, but have yet to come to an agreement.

NHWGA President Dana Harrity says the remaining issue is how the two groups will divvy up shared revenue from the USGA that pays for handicapping services.

“If we lose our funding, we lose our identity, we lose our association. We won’t be able to do what we do right now, which we’ve been doing for 97 years,” she said.

The women’s association is hosting its annual championship this week at Eastman Links in Grantham. Organizers are handing out green ribbons to raise awareness about the dispute.

The organization has launched a petition on change.org, where they've collected more than 400 signatures.

In a statement, the NHGA says, "The NHGA looks forward to continued negotiations with the NHWGA. It has never been the NHGA's intent to minimize women's golf nor have we ever sought to diminish the important history of the NHWGA."

Representatives from the two state associations and the United States Golf Association are set to meet Friday to try to resolve the issue.

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