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Council To Vote On Outside Review of Care At New Hampshire Hospital


Governor Chris Sununu says more scrutiny of patient care at the state's mental hospital will only lead to positive outcomes.

Staffing at the state hospital, and Dartmouth-Hitchcock's fulfillment of a $36 million contract to provide doctors, nurses and administrators, has been a political flashpoint for more than a year. In May, when the state confirmed Dartmouth-Hitchcock wasn't meeting the exact terms of that contract, Governor Sununu forced hospital CEO Bob MacLeod to resign. This review, which Dartmouth-Hitchcock will pay for, aims to evaluate quality of care delivered by Dartmouth, and look at staff activities and credentials. Sununu says he doesn't doubt patients are getting good care but says there is always room to improve.

"I think this review kind of tells us what next steps we may need. But I'm very encouraged. I've already spoken to the incoming CEO of Dartmouth. She's going to come up here and sit down with us and I am going to go there to Dartmouth-Hitchcock and take a tour. So, I think we are on a very good track."

The review, which costs $85,000, will be performed by the Joint Commission, an independent non-profit that accredits health care programs nationwide. 

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