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Tests Show Kingston Fire Department's Well Is Contaminated

Via Flickr CC

The well serving Kingston NH’s Fire Department has tested above the state’s standard for PFOA, a water contaminant also found at the former Pease Air Force Base, and surrounding the Saint-Gobain plastics plant in Merrimack.

The state tested the Kingston Fire Department’s well water first in September. That was after the town began offering the water to residents whose wells are failing due to the drought.  This week, a second water test confirmed: Kingston’s fire department’s well is contaminated with PFOA, at a level over the state’s regulatory standard.

Now, residents with drying wells are being directed to get water from the Kingston Library, which has also been tested, and is not contaminated.

The Department of Environmental Services reports it has now also tested wells surrounding the Fire Department for PFOA. Those tested either below the state’s standard, or at non-detectable levels.

DES spokesman Jim Martin says the department’s believes the contaminated well was not being used for drinking water at the Fire Department.

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