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N.H. Officials To Announce New Rules For Administering Narcan

Courtesy of MPD


New Hampshire Department of Safety officials are announcing new rules and training to allow more law enforcement personnel to administer life-saving doses of Narcan to people who overdose on heroin and other opioids.

Officials will announce the new rules Thursday.

A task force has been looking into expanding the use of Naloxone — often known by its trademark Narcan — that counters opioid overdoses. Under state law, only EMTs can currently administer Narcan.

Vermont in 2013 passed legislation permitting distribution of Narcan kits to the general public — often relatives of heroin and other opioid addicts.

In the first six months of 2014, according to Vermont health officials, the kits were used 38 times.

Representatives of numerous New Hampshire law enforcement agencies are expected to attend Thursday's press conference.

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