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Slain Reporter's Parents Call Son 'Martyr For Freedom'

Nicole Tung/freejamesfoley.org via AP

The parents of journalist James Foley, who was killed by the militant group the Islamic State, say their son is now a martyr for freedom.

“Jimmy did his work. So it's up to others to pick up the ball and go forward. You know?” said John Foley, James’ father, “Our government, other foreign governments. How long are we going to tolerate all this?”

Speaking to the press outside their home in Rochester earlier today, Foley’s parents said eye-witnesses had already told them their son was still alive.

“We just kept thinking that somehow, we’re getting closer, we know he’s alive. You know, we just ran out of time, he ran out of time,” said Diane Foley.

Foley’s parents were joined by his brother, Michael Foley, and the family praised James’ bravery and commitment to his work.

“Jimmy could not sit back. He just could not sit back without either trying to help or comment,” said John Foley.

They also pleaded with his captors to release any other hostages. They say they hope that their son’s death will serve to bring the country together.

President Obama called the family to offer his condolences. 

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