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Committee Dismisses 3 of 5 Ethics Complaints Facing Bragdon

NHPR Staff

The complaints, all stemming from former Senate President Peter Bragdon's hire by the former Local Government Center (LGC), were brought by Concord Democrat Rick Watrous.

The committee made short work of most of them -- dismissing charges that Senator Bragdon knew he was being hired to help the LGC because of  his position in the Senate, that he used his status to get his job, and that appointed fellow Senator Jeannie Forrester to a committee studying the LGC to curry favor with his future employer.

Still pending, are complains that Bragdon knew issues affecting the LGC would come before the Senate and yet still took the $180,000 a year job, and that his salary amounted to an improper gift.

State Senator Peter Bragdon

But those will be resolved if Bragdon agrees to terms the committee is will lay out in writing next week. Martin Gross is the ethics committee’s chairman.

"All I can simply say is that there will be some conditions and requirement on his part."

From the start, Bragdon said he tried to follow all applicable ethical rules and guidelines. He also promised to recuse himself from all matters involving the LGC at the statehouse.

At the time of his hire, Bragdon led the Senate and planned to lead the LGC and the Senate simultaneously.

Amid criticism, Bragdon then stepped down as Senate leader.

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