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Hepatitis A Case Reported In Contoocook

The state Department of Health and Human Services is investigating a case of Hepatitis A contracted by a food service worker in Contoocook.

The person who contracted Hepatitis A was identified only as a bartender who worked at the American Legion and Covered Bridge Restaurant. The timeframe for exposure was between July 20-August 3 and approximately 600-1000 people could have been exposed.

Public Health Director Jose Montero characterized this case as a ‘low-risk situation,’ because the bartender was not in direct contact with raw food.

“In general, for most people, Hepatitis A, it’s quite inconvenient, but it’s not that severe. You may get really sick and not be able to properly eat or function for a couple of weeks, but it’s not that severe.”

Hepatitis A symptoms are similar to common flu. The disease can spread through fecal-oral transmission and poor sanitation.

The Health Dept. is offering two clinics for Hepatitis A vaccinations this Friday and Saturday at Hopkinton High School.