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Rockingham Healthiest County In N.H., Coos Struggles


Rockingham County is officially the healthiest place in New Hampshire, while Coos County is struggling in terms of public health.  That’s according to a report released by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the University of Wisconsin.

The report ranks counties in every state based on a number of health, social, and economic factors.  In New Hampshire, Rockingham earns the Number One spot.  Grafton ranks second.  Only one out-of-ten Rockingham County residents are reported in poor or fair health.  Nine out-of-ten residents there are insured, and the county saw the fewest people die before the age of 75. 

By contrast, Coos County ranks as the least-healthy in New Hampshire.  Coos had many more premature deaths than other counties, and nearly one-out-of-five residents are reported in poor or fair health.  That’s double the rate of Rockingham County.  Coos also has the highest rates of adult smoking and adult obesity in New Hampshire. 

The report also finds that Sullivan and Strafford counties rank low for the state.

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