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News from everywhere *but* Central New Hampshire.

Seacoast Set To Get The Most Snow Today

Current weather forecasts estimate anywhere from two to four inches of snowfall over much of the state by this evening.  Unlike the blizzard two weeks ago, this storm is moving slowly, dropping wet, heavy snow across parts of New Hampshire.  Meteorologist Alex Graves says changing temperatures today will also affect accumulation.

“Some bands are rolling through right now, the Nashua area is seeing some moderate snowfall, but again, later on," Graves says.  "Later on this afternoon, most in southern New Hampshire, you’ll see that switch over to a bit of a mix and a rain, that’s going to help keep some of those snow totals down a bit.”

Graves says roads could get slick in the Nashua area as temperatures drop again this evening. 

Since this is predominantly a coastal storm system, she says areas near the Maine border—Rochester, Portsmouth and Exeter, will see more accumulation than in the rest of the state.  Those areas, and other high elevation points, could see up to six-inches of snow.  But, she says the North Country and Upper Valley should see less accumulation than most of the state.