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N.H. Fish And Game Warns Of Unsafe Ice On Winnipesaukee, Other Lakes

New Hampshire Fish and Game

  New Hampshire Fish and Game officials are warning that ice conditions are unsafe on parts of Lake Winnipesaukee and other large lakes.

A recent aerial survey of Lake Winnipesaukee by the New Hampshire Civil Air Patrol revealed treacherous ice conditions on some parts of the lake.

That includes an area of open water near Welch Island.

Sgt. Dave Eskeland with New Hampshire Fish and Game says this winter season has been unusually bad for ice making.

“We’ve had stretches of bitter cold and then we have a stretch of warmth that follows it and also when snow is on the ice it insulates the ice so it’s not subject to the cold temperatures that we’ve had.”

It’s expected that a large number of people will be heading out onto lakes and ponds this weekend for the Meredith Rotary Ice Fishing Derby.

Eskeland cautions against driving vehicles on the ice. And he says those on foot should assess the ice carefully before heading out.