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Gov. Lynch Vetoes Anti Late Term Abortion Bill

Sara Plourde

Governor Lynch has vetoed a bill banning so-called “partial birth abortions.” The bill was the only anti-abortion bill that made it through the legislature this session.

Late term abortions, also known as partial birth abortions, are already outlawed under federal law. But according the Governor’s spokesman Colin Manning, the Governor was concerned by a provision that would require a second opinion before a woman could receive the procedure even if her life were threatened by the pregnancy.

Manning: If you have a life-threatening condition, especially in a state like New Hampshire where we have a lot of rural areas, it would be really problematic. So it really doesn’t protect the health and safety of all women.

In a written statement, House Speaker William O’Brien said overturning the veto will be a priority.

The bill passed the senate 18 to 5. But in the house, where the vote was 224 to 110, it’s too close to call whether Republicans can muster the two-thirds necessary to override the veto.