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Raw Milk Bill Sails out of Committee

Flikr Creative Commons / BohemianTraveler

A bill that would allow small farmers to sell some home-made food without a license has cleared a major hurdle in the House of Representatives.

The bill lets farmers sell up to 20 gallons a day of unpasteurized milk or cheese, and less than $10,000 dollars worth of homemade food from their home or at a farmers market.

The bill's sponsor, Rep. Guy Comtois, R-Barnstead,  says that this bill will help new or small farmers make a profit.

"You know, it’s so hard to get a business going these days. It’s tough to start out at 100 miles an hour," Comtois said, "so it does not do away with licensing, it just gives someone who’s coming out of the gate the chance to find out: is this going to be do-able or am I just going to stay at the 20 gallons a day."

Comtois worked closely with the Department of Health and Human Services to ensure the bill does not threaten consumer safety. It  was amended prior to the vote to include  includes provisions that require labeling of ingredients and allergens, and against the sale of "potentially hazardous food".

The bill sailed easily through a house committee, and scheduled for a full House vote tomorrow, where it will likely pass.

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