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Teens Having Harder Time Buying Tobacco

Justin Shearer
Flickr Creative Commons

 Illegal sales of tobacco to minors in New Hampshire dipped in 2013, as more retailers in the state refused underage customers.

The Department of Health and Human Services, along with Division of Liquor staff members, sent underage buyers into more than 300 retailers around the state. Roughly 89% of vendors turned away sales, up two percent from 2012.

State public health director Jose Montero says convenience store clerks aren’t the only ones who can protect children.

“Anything we can do as parents, as schools, as society and community to prevent children to start smoking is one of the best investments we can have,” says Montero.

Teens in New Hampshire maintain one of the highest smoking rates in the region. Nearly one in five high schoolers smoke, and 8% say they chew tobacco. 

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