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Humane Society of Greater Nashua

Robin, the cat.

The Humane Society for Greater Nashua cares for more than 2,500 animals each year. And it provides some often overlooked services to people who need help caring for their pets. Pam Gustafson has adopted cats from the shelter, and volunteers there.

Pam: My husband and I have adopted four cats from the Humane Society for Greater Nashua. Our most recent adoption was Raven; and she’s the sister of Robin who is our recent foster. They had been rescued from an abusive environment. They’re adorable, very friendly, outgoing and sweet. Robin had hip dysplasia and she had some problems with her knees. The Humane Society was able to provide her with surgery to correct her hip dysplasia and her knee injury, through a fund – the Abby Fund – for providing medical services to animals in the shelter that need additional care.

It’s just been amazing volunteering there. A lot of people are having to give up their animals now because of their housing situations or job loss. The shelter works with the community to keep those animals in their homes. Someone came by the shelter early one morning to pick up some food. She wasn’t able to buy food for them at that time so we were providing her food so that she didn’t have to release her dogs to the shelter and could keep them in her home.

For the shelter to be able to do that is just tremendous. So they have a lot of community outreach in ways that you wouldn’t even image.

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